Four Part Story Structure-Scrivener Starter File


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Literally thousands of aspiring fiction authors have downloaded this super simple Scrivener starter file.


  • Added Front Matter and Back Matter sections
  • Customized the “Label” and “Status” Meta tags
  • Included a fiction (CreateSpace) Compile Preset

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Four Part Story Structure


  • Opening scenes
  • Killer Hook Event
  • Establish setting, scene (location), stakes of hero
  • Foreshadow coming events
  • Set up the inciting incident
  • First plot point – inciting incident


  • Reaction to first plot point
  • Retreat, regroup, run
  • Doomed attempt to take action
  • First pinch point – allude to evil force – Physical middle of Part 2
  • Reaction to pinch point
  • Lead up to midpoint
  • Midpoint of the story
  • Revelation – figure out what you are up against – Physical middle of your Novel


  • Reaction to midpoint—fight back and fail
  • Second pinch point – allude to evil force again
  • Reaction to second pinch point
  • Pre second plot point lull – give the audience a tidbit – take a breath
  • Lead up to second plot point
  • Second plot point – the world changes again
  • Start the Ticking Clock


  • Hero accepts reality of situation
  • Climax battle scene
  • Final Resolution
  • New equilibrium/cliffhanger
  1. Download the .zip file to your computer
  2. Unzip—extract—the .zip file contents
  3. You must have Scrivener installed to complete the following steps.

MAC Users:

  1. The enclosed .scriv file is a fully functional Scrivener project file created with Scrivener for MAC. It is NOT a template that needs to be imported.
  2. A such, you only need to double click the .scriv file and Scrivener for MAC should open it.
  3. If for some reason, Scrivener for MAC doesn’t open the file when you double-click it, open Scrivener and manually use the menu FILE > OPEN and navigate to the file and open it that way.


  1. In order to open the file, Windows sees the .scriv file as a folder.
  2. Open the .scriv “folder.” The file that Scrivener for Windows wants to open up is a file inside that .scriv folder
  3. The .scriv folder has a file with a “.scrivx” extension inside it (NOTE THE “X.” It stands for exchange and is how Windows sees the MAC made .scriv file.)
  4. Double click that file or navigate from within Scrivener for Windows to that folder and open the .scrivx file.


Feel free to rename the file to anything you’d like before you start. My-Next-Ficiton-Novel.scriv for example.