Book Tracking Spreadsheet


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FREE list of Book Marketing Sites we use to successfully launch all of our books.

free-bargain-book-marketing-site-list.xlsx file

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Includes:

Submission Sites Sheet

  • Linked List of Book Marketing websites
  • FREE, $0.99 and Bargain listings
  • Requirements to submit your book
  • Notes section based on our own experience

Facebook Groups Sheet

  • Linked List of Facebook Groups
  • FREE and $0.99 listings

Twitter Handles Sheet

  • List of Twitter handles that promote FREE and Bargain eBooks

Submitting to Book Marketing Websites

  1. Download the file to your computer
  2. It’s not zipped, so it should be ready to open.
  3. As a .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Exchange file), you should be able to open it in Google Docs or any other Spreadsheet program.
  4. At the last update, all of the site names linked directly to the SUBMISSION PAGE or Homepage of that particular book marketing site.
  5. We’ve found that these book marketing sites are in constant change and transition. If you find a link that’s broken, send us a message using our CONTACT FORM and we’ll do our best to fix it.
  6. We use this list to launch our own books, so we have every incentive to keep it as up to date as possible.
  7. Most of these sites require basic information about your book, you as the author, and the dates of your promotion.
  8. Before you start submitting, you should gather:
    • Book Title (title and subtitle)
    • Author Name
    • Your book’s ASIN number
    • Book links to KDP, and Barnes & Noble and Kobo if applicable
    • Amazon Author Central page link
    • Author Facebook fan page link
    • Author Twitter Handle link
    • Author short bio
    • Short Book Description (250 and 500 word lengths required)
    • Long Book Description (up to 1000 words in some cases)
    • List of categories for your book
    • List of keywords for your book
    • Book image (not all will require, but some do)
    • 5-10 reviews on your book (not all sites require this, but some do)
  9. We’ve found that it takes the better part of a day to submit to the entire list of book marketing sites
  10. We submit to the sites well in advance of our book’s launch date.
  11. Many sites require a 14 day plus advance notice to schedule your book’s promotion—be advised and start early.

Submitting to Facebook Group Pages

During the dates of your book launch, you can manually submit to the list of Facebook Group Pages. They each have their own sets of rules and regulations.

Some only allow promotions on Friday, some only allow FREE books, and some make you stand on your head and spin three times before they’ll list your book. In all cases, read the Facebook Group’s submission guidelines for full details before you promote your book to a Facebook Group.

Twitter Handles that Promote FREE/BARGAIN eBooks

Follow each of the Twitter handles on the list and they will in turn, usually, follow you back. then when you’re submitting and tweeting about your book, they’ll get updated as well.