Recommended Resources

We know that every author followed has their favorite software, tools, courses, etc. We’re no different. This list isn’t complete, but these are are most recommended!

If you’re looking for tried and tested resources that you can use to take control of your writing/book and speed up the development of your author platform, then you’ll love this list.

Self Publishing School

Learn a tried-and-true method of how to write and publish a bestselling book or more advanced marketing and business building strategies.

If you have the drive to do-it-yourself, but want a bit of handholding and mentorship, then you can definitely benefit from working with Self Publishing School

Their educational guides, researched reviews, informative resources, and done-for-you tools help aspiring and published authors navigate the publishing process and achieve success.

Whether you’re a first-time author learning the ropes, or an established author looking to grow your business with a book, can help you get there.