Nine Day Novel: Self-Editing


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After I wrote my first novel, I debated for months between paying an editor and whether I should just “edit” the entire thing myself. After all, how hard it be, right?

Predictably, money won out, and I chose poorly, publishing my first novel before a professional editor had copy edited it.

That was a big mistake.

That one decision set my writing career back about a year. Why? Because my book languished on Amazon as yet another unprofessional, unfinished and unwanted draft, posing as a completely finished novel.

I got discouraged, disappointed and down. It took months before I overcame my fear of what a professional editor would say about my first novel. Because that was the real reason I had edited it myself all along.

A great editor will make your novel shine.

Picture your reader, trying to follow the fantastic story that you painstakingly outlined, researched and wrote. As they read, their eyes are interrupted by misspellings, grammatical errors, improper word usage and dialogue that’s punctuated poorly. Finally, unable to stay engaged through those constant interruptions, they give up and close your book.

Removing the mystery about editing.

For many beginning authors, editing is a mysterious and often misunderstood process.
In this book, I’ll define the types of editing you need, outline the parts that you can and should do yourself, and then explain the process that your editor will go through as they clean up what’s left.

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