Welcome to the very first ‘vlogcast’ for Author Basics! What’s a vlogcast you might be asking? Well it’s a combination of a vlog and a podcast πŸ˜‰

We’re all about creating new words here at Author Basics, so there’s one you can add to the list!

In this very first episode, Steve is chatting to the other infamous Steve that we all know and love, Steve Scott! Check it out and if you’re interested in checking out Steve Scott’s new course, you can jump straight to it here!

Steve Windsor meet Steve Scott…

The Highlight Reel:

  • 03:35 β€”> here Steve talk about how he got started in Kindle
  • 07:30 β€”> why focusing on one book topic and narrowing in on a niche works best for non-fiction
  • 11:25 β€”> Steve’s secret to success!
  • 14:12 β€”> why morning’s work best for writing
  • 17:00 β€”> making micro-commitments instead of lofty goals to achieve success
  • 17:20 β€”> Steve Scott’s habit series here:Β http://www.developgoodhabits.com/my-books/
  • 20:55 β€”> focus on the small steps when just start out
  • 22:17 β€”> there is no secret to self-publishing!
  • 23:22 β€”> the “eat your vegetables” conversation…
  • 24:19 β€”> you might fail with your first few books, but that’s ok, fail forward (aka learn the lessons and move on)
  • 25:12 β€”> grab Steve’s 46-point checklist here:Β https://authorbasics.com/hod5 + his free video series
  • 25:45 β€”> the 80/20 rule at it’s finest!
  • 27:30 β€”> repurposing your content, no book asset is worthless
  • 31:20 β€”> why focusing on quality content ALWAYS is the best strategy
  • 32:30 β€”> the down-low on Steve’s new self publishing course!

Guys, if you want to really learn how to create an amazing self publishing business for the long-term, then Steve Scott’s course is right on the money!

Steve (Windsor) and I are extremely honored that we’ve been able to check it out and can attest to Steve (Scott)Β being one of the reason’s why our book businesses are taking off! Steve is amazing β€” we heart you Steve (Scott)!